Amazon Echo Look Helps You Choose Your Wardrobe

Ever had that feeling of having nothing to wear? Amazon and Alexa will help rid people of the wardrobe blues with the new Amazon Echo Look, a new device introduced on Wednesday which aids its users in choosing what to wear.

The Amazon Echo Look comes with a built-in camera that can do tasks such as take hands-free photos and short videos of the user through a voice command. Owners can simply say "Alexa, take a picture" and the Echo Look will snap away.

The full-length photos showing the user's look from head to toe can then be shared through the "Style Check" feature. The said feature is a combination of machine learning algorithms and advice from fashion experts. As The Motley Fool reported, the Style Check feature selects the best outfit out of two pictures submitted based on "fit, color, styling, and current trends". Other users can also give their feedback.

Aside from the depth-sensing camera, the Echo Look also has integrated LED lighting, a microphone array, and a speaker. The device looks more like a security camera which is what many people thought it was when its images were leaked last month. As it turned out, Amazon simply wanted its patrons to be secure about their looks when they go about their day. Recode stressed that this new product is just another step by the e-commerce giant to dominate the apparel industry.

While Amazon is promoting the Echo Look more as a fashion necessity, the device also works as a normal Echo smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled gadgets. Users can play music and ask about traffic, weather and other mundane things. In short, the Echo Look has access to the tens of thousands of skills Alexa has acquired. It even takes things a little further by having photo and video shooting capabilities.

Those who want to update their AI-enabled smart device may get the Amazon Echo Look for $200. The e-commerce giant has yet to announce a specific release date though it has said that invites will be given out through a rolling invite system to U.S. costumers in the coming weeks. Buyers may want to request an invite to purchase early on to make sure they have a better chance of getting one.

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