Google Trips Just Made Vacationing So Much More Relaxing

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 28, 2017 09:20 AM EDT

Google announced on Wednesday that it has added important new features on Google Trips. It is an Android and iOS app which serves as a personal assistant for traveling and vacations. Unveiled in September, Trips now has three new features which will make your vacations so much more relaxing and hassle-free.

The app from the tech giant pulls from your Gmail inbox to organize information about important traveling matters. Basically, this includes your plane tickets and lodging or hotel reservations. Interestingly, it also provides helpful suggestions that every tourist needs to know while visiting a foreign place.

Google Trips features include information on what nearby sights you need to see, and what restaurants you must visit and eat in. The app then lets you build a custom daily itinerary based on the choices of interests you have selected. According to Engadget, it basically acts as your own personal guide whose main aim is for you to make the most out of your vacation without wasting any more time on meticulous planning.

One of the app's latest updates includes a feature which lets you share your reservations with a single tap, something that's very useful if you're traveling in a group. It also quickly updates your plans before confirmation emails such as tickets and bookings comes in. Finally, according to CNET, it also helps you keep track of not just your plane reservations, but also other modes of transportations like buses and trains.

So if you're afraid of flying, Google Trips can make it a whole lot easier for you by reserving bus and train accommodations. With the smart tech giant's vast amount of location data, it has an impressive list of activities to do, landmarks to see, and dishes to try. Most importantly, it doesn't require wifi to personalize suggestions based on your interests, giving you an extraordinary vacation experience like never before.

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