Blind Test: Which Top 5 Smartphone Camera Is Best?

A recent top 5 smartphone video of YouTube uploader, Marques Brownlee, showed a fun and clever way to help users figure out which popular model delivers the best photographs. The camera blind test is a great way for fans to objectively rate photographs taken from competing devices. The cameras tested were the Google Pixel XL, the LG G6, the OnePlus 3T, the Galaxy S8, and of course, the iPhone 7 Plus.

In his video, Brownlee presents a series of photographs from five of the best smartphone cameras and only reveals to the viewer which photos come from which smartphone after showing the images. The differences between the photos are slight but still noticeable.So which top of the line smartphone came out as the victor?

The blind test was an objective way to find out which among the best top 5 smartphones has the best camera quality. According to the BGR, this is how the smartphone cameras are ranked from best to worst: 1) Galaxy S8 2) iPhone 7+ 3) LG G6 4) Google Pixel XL 5) OnePlus 3T. As for Brownlee, he proclaims the Google Pixel XL as the overall winner.

While not entirely scientific, the blind test does provide a good way for the average users to see how well their smartphone of choice differs from others. According to the Fstoppers, it's important to note that often times the “color temperature” accounts for the biggest difference across the five devices. Also, as the video shows, the low light environment is a great way to separate performances of really good smartphones from great ones.

It’s interesting to see that the biggest difference among the top 5 smartphones' camera quality center around how each manufacturer approaches color. Some phone makers also apply a lot heavier sharpening details than others. Check out the smartphone camera blind test below to see how you rank the popular headsets.

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