NBA Trade Alert: Paul George, Kristaps Porzingis And Now Lonzo Ball? UCLA Stud Could Be A Laker Through Sign And Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have been involved in numerous trade rumors for the past week. As per NBA Analyst, this is their chance to reclaim their past glory and signing Paul George is the first step. Also, UCLA’s main man, Lonzo Ball was vocal about him joining the lakers. He also cited Magic Johnson as a great mentor on his game.

Magic Johnson Working His Magic

Since Magic Johnson was signed to be part of the Lakers organization, there are multiple speculations stating that Magic already have some names on his list. There is no secret that Magic has some uncanny connection in the league including his rival, Larry Bird. For those who aren’t familiar, Larry Bird has stepped down as the President of the Indiana Pacers. With that said, Johnson might create his Magic to lure Paul George to Los Angeles. It’s not that hard for Magic to pull this trade since he is arguably the most influential player ever in the NBA.

Lonzo Ball To Lakers?

Lonzo Ball is making some buzz today because of two reasons. First, major shoe brands rejected the idea of his father about having $1 billion worth of contract for a sneaker deal. Second, Lonzo Ball’s interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers. A few months ago prior to the March Madness starting, Lonzo Ball stated that he wants to join the Lakers. His decision was supported by his dad and knowing that his from the west coast, it is inevitable that he will be part of the Lakers roster in a sign and trade.

If Magic Johnson wants to relieve the championship dynasty of Los Angeles Lakers, this is the time to do it. Paul George is already a superstar and probably at the peak of his career. He showed everybody that he can carry a team and him being a mentor to up and coming stars will surely provide a lift that the Lakers need.

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