Warhammer 40k: Dawn Of War 3 Resources Guide

Resources are important in any game as much as it is essential in wars. Having a huge economy is as much as a defining factor in winning the war and defeating enemies in Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War 3. Here is a guide on Dawn of War 3's resources and how to earn them all efficiently.

Dawn Of War 3 Resources

There are three main kinds of resources in Dawn of War 3: Requisition, Power, and Elite Points. Requisition is used to build infantry units, purchase vehicle upgrades and building construction. Power is used to build vehicles, purchase infantry upgrades and advanced construction. Elite points are used to deploy Elite Units and activate Super Abilities.

Resources are obtainable by owning and controlling Resource Points that are marked all over the map. Resource Points in Dawn of War 3 can be controlled by sending units to them and holding the Points until the Capture Timer is done. Constructing Resource Generators in the Resource Points once they are captured will let players start earning resources. Building Requisition Generators will accumulate Requisition, and building Power Generators earn players Power.

Elite Points, however, is accumulated over time for 1 Elite Point every 120 seconds which can be reduced to 90 seconds when players have an Elite Point Generator built in a specific Resource Point. Elite Points can also be earned through enemy Shield and Turrets if players destroy them in Dawn of War 3. Each Resource Generator costs a certain amount of Resource that increases by 20 percent for each subsequent builds.

Dawn Of War 3 Resource Points Upgrade

Resource Points are upgradeable once players have built their first Generator in it. The first upgrade costs 250 Requisition and 50 Power, which increases the Resources gathered in the Generators by 25 percent. Resource Points can be upgraded three times in Dawn of War 3 for a total increase of 75 percent. Upgrading Resource Points, however, does not affect Elite Generators thus a Resource Point with only an Elite Point Generator in it can't be upgraded.

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