Net Neutrality: Ajit Pai Could Be Doing The Right Thing

Despite the controversy surround Federal Communications Commission or FCC chairman Ajit Pai and his handling of the net neutrality rules, there are a few who see Pai's plans as the right thing to do.

It's well known how much internet service providers are against the net neutrality rules. Pai's adversity against Title II is also well-documented. In fact, he was one of two commissioners who voted against the regulation back in 2015. While the voices against Pai and the killing of the net neutrality rules seem to be a lot louder, there are some who believe that it is indeed better to be rid of the regulation.

An article published on The Hill explains why Pai is right. According to the author, he agrees with what the FCC chair said before that "net neutrality has always been a solution in search of a problem". This is because ISPs never really had any use for blocking or restricting content. The instances that it has happened are rare and were quickly fixed even without the regulation.

Over at Newsday, the 21-year-old author shared his opinion about the controversial ruling. He argues that the internet is a necessity and not a luxury and that net neutrality is there to protect the rights of all internet users.

Net neutrality, in a nutshell, is a rule that prevents ISPs from controlling the internet. Without the net neutrality regulation, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, and others can create a "fast lane" for their content and curb access to others.

On Wednesday, the FCC chairman addressed Washington and expressed once more his belief that net neutrality should go. He did not exactly say how he will kill or roll back the regulation but he did indicate that he is planning to get the opinion of others before doing so.

Pai argues that there is evidence that businesses have gone down since the regulation was put in place. He cited the case of one major internet provider belonging to the top 12 in its field which suffered a loss of 5.6 percent which is equivalent to billions of dollars. Pai also mentioned that small ISPs are also suffering because of the ruling. He reiterated that he is working on a way that will benefit everyone. He wants consumers to enjoy open internet but not at the expense of the networks and other businesses.

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