Audi Lunar Quattro Debuts In 'Alien: Covenant' Movie

The latest installment of the "Alien" movie franchise has been confirmed with the release of its official trailers. However, the movie is not just the only thing people are looking forward to. The new movie will reportedly feature Audi's new moon rover, the Lunar Quattro.

Audi Lunar Quattro Debuts In "Alien: Covenant"

Audi has promised last year that it will be launching Lunar Quattro this year and it seems like the automaker is sticking to its plans. The highly anticipated moon rover will be making an appearance in the up and coming film, "Alien: Covenant". The new rover reportedly has a huge role in the said film for it will aid the colony ship Covenant in navigating the new world.

Audi's vice president of international marketing, Giovanni Perosino stated that featuring the Lunar Quattro in the sci-fi movie is the best way to reveal what it is capable of. He added that they will be able to showcase the brand's "intelligent technologies in a visionary environment" thru this new creation. They also chose to reveal it in the "Alien: Covenant" movie because it will give the appropriate attention for the moon rover.

Audi Eyeing Google's Lunar X-Prize For Lunar Quattro

The Lunar Quattro was created with the collaborated visions of Audi and Part-Time Scientists, otherwise known as PTScientists. The latter worked on the moon rover with the goal of reaching the moon before this year's deadline of Google's Lunar X-Prize passes. They actually entered it last year but they were not able to launch Audi Lunar Quattro in 2016 so they did not make the deadline.

In-depth specs of the Audi Lunar Quattro has yet to be publicized. So far, it has been revealed that it weighs at least 66 lbs and its frame is mostly made of aluminium, which was created through the use of Audi's metal 3D printers. Of course, it has been designed as an all-wheel drive built for the landscape of the moon and it is expected to cover 500 meters while taking high-definition photos.

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