Samsung's New Marshmallow App Teaches Kids On Phone Etiquette

The new Samsung Marshmallow App offers parental controls and teaches proper phone usage. The new app, which is exclusive to Samsung devices, is not related to the Android Marshmallow operating system. The Marshmallow app teaches kids on how to use their Samsung smartphones correctly.

According to Android Police, this new Samsung-exclusive app lets parents keep track of their children's smartphone usage. However, there is one interesting twist that both sides may be excited about. Instead of the traditional "following the guidelines" rule set by the parent, the Marshmallow App relies on positive reinforcement as per the kid's initiative. Children set their own limits, and the app will reward their self-control, as well as being independence.

Controlling this new app is very simple. Parents can set some restrictions on themselves in order to encourage their children to decide on their own. Even if the children will have to use the app more, parents are still able to prevent access to specific apps and can set a bedtime. Daily and weekly summaries are also presented to both parent and child for them to review all the achievements and failures.

Proper usage of the Samsung phone is rewarded with Marshmallow points and badges that mark as achievements. As reported by Phone Arena, the user of the smartphone can also lose points when he/she does not follow instruction or use the phone whenever it is restricted. This is a very good technique in order for the children be disciplined and learn the correct etiquette of using the phone.

When the kid has accrued enough Marshmallow points, meaning, he/she did a great performance for a certain period of time, they can redeem them for rewards. These prizes may come in sweet loot like real gift cards to Best Buy, Amazon and Dunkin Donuts. Of course, those rewards can only be redeemed once they have their parents' approval.

On the side note, this new application is Samsung exclusive. This means that only the company's own devices will support Marshmallow. Those interested and have a supported device can go ahead to Google Play store and start downloading the app.


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