Project Scorpio Goes Up Against Its Fellow Xbox Consoles

Microsoft has been one of the top console makers in the industry and its next product is set to change the game. The Xbox Project Scorpio is being dubbed as the "world's most powerful console ever" thanks to certain features. The question now is how better will it be compared to its predecessors the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

Let's start off with the two older brothers. Microsoft added and improved very few features with the Xbox One S as compared to the Xbox One. According to Trusted Reviews, the most prominent addition with the One S is the HDR support and a 4K Blu-ray player. However, both new features require a 4K TV before players can enjoy them. Also, the processing power has improved because of HDR gaming but just by a little. That said, the difference between the two consoles was insignificant and Xbox One owners are better off waiting for the Scorpio before upgrading. At the same time, those who have yet to purchase any console may want to hold out a little while longer and see if the Xbox Scorpio is worth all the hype.

Digital Trends explained that the primary reason why anyone would want to upgrade is if the targeted new console is better in terms of power including graphics and processing ability. Microsoft addressed all those factors with the Xbox Scorpio or at least that's what the company and Eurogamer's Digital Soundry is trying to tell us.

Project Scorpio's six teraflops of power are its opening statement and closing argument which is enough to win the case by itself. However, the Xbox Scorpio also boasts of other features that will keep it a head above the other Xbox consoles. The upcoming device will have 4K graphics which was demoed a few days ago. The Xbox Scorpio will also have 12GB of storage compared to the two previous which comes with 8GB.

The Xbox One S is priced at $299 while the older Xbox One goes for at least $250. The premium Xbox Scorpio is expected to be priced according to its quality which translates to a price tag hovering over $500.

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