Outlast 2 Guide; Tips And Tricks On How To Survive

Outlast 2 is a "knock your socks off" experience and a legitimately scary game. It's even scarier when things go wrong and players weren't able to go where they're supposed to. In a terrifying example art imitating life, players literally fell from the sky and dropped into Outlast 2's terrifying world to fend for themselves.

Outlast 2 is a never-ending cycle of hiding, running and praying they don't see you and some players might find this frustratingly difficult the first time. Here are some tips and tricks that players should know before they start playing.

Outlast 2 How To Survive

There's a light that never goes out. Like a shining beacon upon a cat with a quest to offer, following the light is the rule of thumb. Outlast 2 will give player hints where to go and what to do through illuminated streets or flickering light bulbs. Follow the light and no one will get lost.

Always record but use night vision sporadically. Outlast 2 is full of cutscenes and important events that players would need to record. They would not want to miss them so they should always record everything they see. However, it is best to use night vision in short bursts to save batteries.

Lock the doors. A new mechanic in Outlast 2 is added, players will now be able to bolt the doors shot. Many doorframes now have deadbolts installed and they become essential tools for survival. If ever the player gets spotted, they can run through a door and bolt it shut and give them a few but important seconds to run or hide.

Explore and take note of the surroundings. Outlast 2 provides the players more hiding spots. Taking note of these and remembering where they are, provides the chance for an efficient escape. As players explore to hunt for batteries and secrets, they should remember all the spots they can hide.

What is it with people and the name Martha? In Outlast 2, the name Martha will not be able to save anyone; in fact, she's the leading member in the Testament of New Ezekiel. Avoid her like the plague since she's considered to be the most frustrating and dangerous character in the game. This scary woman wields a giant pickaxe and can kill the player instantly. Plus the unfair advantage of her range can reach players from a distance. She's a force to be reckoned with so hide from her and pray.

Outlast 2 Out Now

Outlast 2 is the riveting sequel to the beloved game Outlast developed by Red Barrels. It's now available on all platforms for $29.99. Outlast 2 has scored an overall score of 77 on Metacritic and was almost banned in several countries due to "implied sexual violence."

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