‘Dragon Ball Super' Update: Mystic Power Of Gohan Revealed, Goku No Longer The Strongest Fighter In Universe 11?

The last episode of “Dragon Ball Super” didn’t disappoint the fans as TOEI Animation showed that Gohan is still one of the most powerful fighters in the present arc. Thanks to famed YouTubers, the synopsis for episode 92 has been decoded and Goku is shocked with Gohan’s uncanny ability.

When the Tournament of Power started, there were multiple questions about origins of the other members of the multiverse. However, the most intriguing question so far is if Gohan can be great again. The Super Saiyan has been pretty much left out of the storylines for numerous episodes already. Gohan opted to live a normal life with his family and being a fighter is not his priority.

Gohan Will Be More Powerful Than Goku As The Tournament Progress

Technically, Gohan already agreed with Goku to be part of Team Universe 7. The only problem is, Gohan seems to be preoccupied and still having some doubts about fighting. During the last episode of the series, Piccolo made it a point to unleash the inner beast of Gohan. At first, Gohan was hesitant to make any move as he tries to block Piccolo’s attack instead of him attacking Piccolo. However, Piccolo notices it and called out Gohan which motivated Gohan and showed what he is capable of. Fans were expecting Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken form but it didn’t happen. Thankfully, the new spoilers provided by famed YouTubers brought some light to “Dragon Ball Super” fans.

The next episode is all about Gohan teaming up with Piccolo in a practice fight against Goku and Tien. It has been a staple for Goku to transform into Kaioken Blue form when he started recruiting other members from Universe 7. With that said, Goku will not go easy on Piccolo and Gohan. The only problem is, Gohan is beyond ready with Goku’s attack. As explained before by “Dragon Ball Super” experts, Gohan has a massive amount of Ki and can control his power at will. Remember when Gohan was once the strongest fighter of Universe 7? Well, it might happen again once the Battle Royal started.

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