How To Keep Up With The Obamas? Follow Them On Social Media

Are you a fan of the Obamas and are missing them a lot? Perhaps you have been searching for news bits in the mainstream media about Barack, Michelle, and their two kids. But since they are no longer the center of attention in the United States, you probably found it hard to read the latest news about them.

The Obamas Love Social Media

There's a sure way to keep up with the Obamas. Follow them on social media. Barack Obama was the first POTUS who used social media to provide the public information about some of his activities. And so is his first lady, Michelle. Yes, they have left the White House, but they still have their social media accounts where they update their followers about their recent activities.

Barack And Michelle Has Millions Of Followers

Barack has about 13 million followers while he was still in office. Michelle has almost half of that, 6 million. While they are sitting at the White House, the U.S. government assigned them their official social media accounts. When they left 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the posts of Barack were transferred to social media portals with a "44" ending. That number represents his being the 44th POTUS.

The Obamas' Social Media Accounts Are Here

If you really want to follow Barack and his recent activities, you can now read them at @POTUS44. Barack also tweets his recent activities in his Twitter account @BarackObama. One of his recent tweets praised the efforts of comedian Jimmy Kimmel who is blocking the repeal of his Affordable Care Act. The Republicans want to revoke this bill that is supposed to benefit people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The former POTUS also has social media accounts on Facebook with around 54 million followers and Instagram with about 14 million followers. His Twitter followers are about 87 million. Michelle, on the other hand, has her Twitter account @MichelleObama with more than 7 million followers. So, it is easy to keep up with what's new with the Obamas. Just follow them on their social media accounts.

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