Samsung Gear 360: World's Cutest Gadget Has Big Exciting Features

The Samsung Gear 360 could be the world's cutest video camera that can surprise you with its big photography and video features. It's a two camera setup, which means that it doesn’t just record the world, it also records the world with you in it. It's also probably the most fun camera you'll ever use.

The first Gear 360 was filled with experimental stuff: an ergonomically-designed camera that can record your world in 360 degrees, with 4k resolution. The new camera still tries to retain the same goal, but with a much sleeker design, even easier grip, and more fun features. Its hardware still has limitations, and its nascent software and platforms for viewing could make it less attractive for more serious photographers

However, Samsung Gear 360's eyeball shape and two wide-angle lenses on each side, plus its slim body, make it the cutest gadget you'll ever lay your hands on. According to Digital Trends, it's a funky device like its predecessor but modified to have a more comfortable grip. Smaller and lighter than the previous model, it measures approximately 4 x 2 x 1.8 inches and weighs 4.6 ounces.

It can withstand dust and splashes aside from lending a quirky sense to your style. However, according to TechRadar, when you compare the latest model with the older one, you'll see that it isn’t exactly an upgrade. For one, the aperture and megapixel values on both the two 180-degree lenses are actually less superior than last year’s version.

However, if you are content in viewing the photos and videos from your Samsung's Gear 360 on your smartphone, or on any other small device, the photo quality is actually not that bad. One real issue about this adorable device is its battery capacity, which has suffered a hit as its design slimmed down. Overall, its slick, ergonomic design, fun software, and high novelty factor make it a tiny camera that you should try using.

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