Windows 10 S vs Windows 10: See The Difference

Microsoft is yet to reveal the real meaning of "S" in the new operating system Windows 10 S. However, on its official page, the tagline states, “streamlined for security and superior performance" which means speed, longer battery life, and security are its focus. Now, the question circulating the market is... "what is the difference between the new Windows 10 S and the regular Windows 10?"

What Is The Difference Between The Two OS?

In terms of its physical appearance, the Windows 10 S is not much different from the regular Windows 10 or even from the Windows 10 Pro. It has the same Start menu with resizable live tabs and virtual assistant Cortana. The new operating system also comprises touchscreen and Surface Pen functionality on supported devices. All Windows 10 S devices will also support the Windows 10-powered virtual reality headsets and other accessories from Microsoft.

According to The Guardian, the big difference between Windows 10 S and the regular Windows 10 is that the newest OS can only run applications directly downloaded from the Windows Store. Microsoft's strategy is that in every version of the previous Windows 10, the user has the option to install applications from third-party stores. Now, in order to achieve the security that Microsoft want, the Windows 10 S will only allow users to download from the Microsoft Windows Store.

Microsoft's Windows 10 S will also come with the firm's version of BitLocker encryption system to secure the files in case of lost. This feature is not available for some versions of Windows operating system, especially on Windows 10 Home. In addition, the new OS will also receive similar updates and at the same time as other versions of existing regular Windows 10.

Microsoft also claimed that Windows 10 S devices will deliver significantly better battery life than Windows 10, as reported by Forbes. In fact, the firm said that its Surface Laptop, which is the first Windows 10 S computer-based, will last up to 14.5 hours on a single charge. Aside from that, the new device also packs a 13.5-inch 1080p touchscreen display.

Microsoft really wants fans to try the new Windows 10 S. And as a lure, the firm is offering anyone dissatisfied with a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro before the end of this year. After that time, the upgrades will cost a very reasonable price of $50. On the other hand, Surface Laptop will cost starting from just $189.


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