Microsoft Will Make Its Surface Phone Different From Other Smartphones, Here's How

There is no Surface Phone seen at the Microsoft event last Tuesday. According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, the firm is still working on its phones. He also claimed that the upcoming Surface Phone might not look like what people are expecting from a regular smartphone. “So when you say ‘when will we make more phones’ I’m sure we’ll make more phones. But they may not look like phones that are there today,” Nadella said.

According to BGR, Microsoft has had a tough time fighting against Apple's iPhone and Android devices. The latest device from Microsoft seems made for fun and reshaped the mobile industry. However, the tech giant always seemed to be one step behind the trend.

Microsoft reinvented the Windows mobile experience not just once, and it went ahead and bought Nokia in one of the most notable tech deals of the record. Unfortunately, that didn’t help the company at all. Instead of killing the most in demand iPhone, Microsoft killed old Nokia and its Surface Phone plans in the process. Nadella said that the firm is about to take a different approach to designing mobile phones.

For the record, Microsoft did not abandon its projections for mobile phones, which means we might have to wait a while for that "killer" Surface Phone to arrive. As reported by The Verge, Microsoft decided to stop the production and shipping of the Windows Phone after the market share has shrunk below one percent. It followed $7.6 billion being written off from the Nokia phone business purchase, and thousands of job losses.

As of the moment, Microsoft is focused on making sure its applications and services are included on iOS and Android market. However, Nadella points out that Surface Phone is a good example to show how the company can be different in terms of hardware. Millions of people are hoping for a Microsoft Surface Phone, but it’s clear that the company isn’t ready to introduce that killer smartphone just yet.


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