Super Bomberman R Tips And Tricks To Win

Super Bomberman R is an enjoyable bomb-planting experience that may sometimes require some concentration by refusing to be swept by the adrenaline-inducing and intensely competitive gameplay. It is both addictive and straightforward - a simple system of "plant a bomb and run" but people may find this game quite hard to master.

Although the gameplay is simple, Super Bomberman R is an art that compels players to think on their feet and strategize as they go. Here's a few tips and tricks that will surely keep players riding on the competitive high.

How To Dominate In Super Bomberman R

It is easy to spot the beginners from the rest of the seasoned players in Super Bomberman R. Although the game is known for its simplicity, winning is not always defined by who dropped the bomb first and who's the fastest. Winning in Super Bomberman R, as some may figure out, requires patience, keen observation and anticipation, and a few covert tricks here and there.

Beginners should have a careful start as mindlessly dropping bombs sometimes backfires; they end up trapping and killing themselves. Being aggressive in Super Bomberman R is also not the way to go if players want to be the last person standing. The game rewards the win to the survivor, not the one who got the most kills. A great tactic is to let the others fight, which will allow players a margin of freedom - perfect opportunity to stay calm and strategize.

Super Bomberman R Tips And Tricks

The Glove is the best power up. During the game in Super Bomberman R, it is easy to feel like hogging all the power-ups is the best way to get the upper hand. Although it is slightly true, the best power-up to prioritize is the Glove. It has saved players in a pinch by hurling the bombs even over blockades when they are trapped. For the more ballsy players, a good tactic is waiting until the bomb is almost about to explode so they can punch it over the last minute to take players by surprise.

Some tricks people love doing is taking note of the good power-ups littered across the map. Keep a look out for good power-ups like kick and gloves; they can be used as bait for unwitting players in Super Bomberman R. Stand by to lay a bomb next to the power-ups or fling a bomb over the last second.

Sometimes power-ups are not worth getting killed so players might need to get used to destroying them. When spamming bombs, a good trick is laying them in diagonal patterns, which causes extra pressure on enemies since their area are larger and harder to dodge. Although the rule of thumb will always be "keep calm" in Super Bomberman R, and they will be able to think quicker and strategize better.

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