Prey 2017 Weapons Location And Neuromods Guide; How To Get Alien Abilities

Prey 2017 is familiar gameplay-wise and players will find similar games littered around. As Bethesda Games Studio releases the title tomorrow, kicking it off with a guide is the best celebration plan. Here is a guide on some of the weapons in Prey 2017, their locations and a beginner's guide to Neuromods.

Prey 2017 Beginner's Weapons Guide And Location

Since Prey 2017 is set to be released tomorrow, more information and guides will come as the player's journey through the game. However, until the best and most powerful weapons have yet to appear, this is about the best weapons for beginners and how to use them effectively. As to their location, according to SegmentNext, the general rule of thumb is that weapons are usually on the dead bodies of staff and members.

Firstly, the Wrench is the most basic weapon that players will be able to pick up in the first hour or Prey. It can be dismantled into 1 Spare Part and get 1 Mineral from it. It is located on Patricia Varma's dead body after the player leaves the apartment the second time.

The best thing about the Wrench is it doesn't need to be reloaded and players can go to town swinging, although the most effective use of the Wrench is done by holding down the attack button to charge for a more powerful swing. A charged attack with the Wrench can kill a Mimic, the basic enemy of Prey, immediately with one hit.

The Gloo Cannon is the second weapon players will pick up in Prey. There are two locations for the Gloo Cannon, inside the Neuromod Division Foyer and one in the woman's restroom on the first floor of the Main Lobby. Although it has no damage, the Gloo Cannon in Prey is indispensable. It can freeze enemies in place and this is effective against the sprightly Mimics. It prevents them from jumping all over the room as well as delay tougher enemies like Phantoms, anyone can become an easier target.

Prey 2017 Neuromods Guide

Neuromods are extremely important tools effective for gaining the advantage against the shape-shifting Prey aliens. They allow the player upgrade a variety of abilities and there are many alterations to choose from. Neuromods can also be used to gain Alien abilities from the Typhons. To do this, if players have Neuromods to spend, they can scan enough Typhons with the Psychoscope and they will have new unlocked abilities they can get.

The best abilities to prioritize in Prey according to Heavy are Scientist - Hacking I, Engineer - Impact Calibration I, Engineer - Repair I, Engineer - Gunsmith I, Security Sneak Attack I, and Security - Stamina I. Getting most of these skills will help players a great deal during the early game and then they can tailor Morgan and their play style however they want. Prey is out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $60.

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