Apple And Amazon Finally Resolve Their Spat

Over the recent years, it has been well-known to many that Apple and Amazon have not been the chummy-est of business entities. There has been a long-running struggle between them with regards to letting each other in on each of their respective product lines. To put things into perspective, there is a reason why Amazon doesn't release a version of its Kindle Reader on the Apple iPad or why Apple TV won't host the Amazon Video app (but more progress on that in a bit). Such business approaches will greatly diminish interest from the respective companies in terms of their hardware and software sales by letting the competition feed off of the indirect endorsement of the other.

Amazon and Apple are direct competitors with very obvious product similarities making it a tight competition, which would make one think that both parties would never let each other get the better of them because it just doesn't make any sense. Not necessarily though, Forbes has reported that within the Apple rumor mill it is believed that both Amazon and Apple have finally come to terms, or at least close enough to settle.

The rumored peace talk between the two companies particularly involves the claim that the Amazon Video app will finally be added to the Apple TV possibly this summer of 2017. Why would they? Probably only because they have figured out a win-win strategy that will make them both tolerable to each other business-wise.

The move will mean that Amazon Prime Video subscribers will be able to watch their movies and TV shows with the use of the Apple TV. Considering Apple and Amazon have a lot more differences they have to work around, it is not yet clear whether the strategy will also settle their other issues. For instance, according to Recode, Amazon has stopped selling Apple TV boxes on their online store back in 2015.

There have been no new reports worth mentioning with regards to the issue and that both representatives from Amazon and Apple have declined to give any comments. Consumers would simply have to wait out this year and see if they will be able to actually benefit from both Apple and Amazon's rumored new business strategies, as they are primary sources of entertainment for most people.


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