Apple Watch Series 2 vs Fitbit Project Higgs: This Is The Best Fitness Smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the new line of smartwatches from the company that is supposedly giving other wearables a run for their money. But how does it compare with Fitbit Project Higgs, the upcoming device from a smartwatch stalwart?


The Apple Watch Series 2 comes in different designs that would suit varying tastes. The straps come in two sizes too-38mm and 42mm-for better fit with male and female wrists.

There are even collaborations with big brands that offer a broader array of styles such as with Hermes and Nike. The latter partnership gave birth to smartwatches that are targeted towards active people. These models are even waterproof at up to 50 meters and made of materials that are well-suited for sport.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Fitbit Project Higgs has an unremarkable design, The Verge notes. The image leaks of the smartwatch show that it looks similar to an older model, the Blaze. It sports a square face as well as physical rather than touch buttons. In addition, its elastomer wristband is akin to that of its predecessor.


Fitbit Project Higgs has been reaching out to developers to create apps for the upcoming smartwatch. However, those may not be ready in time for the fall launch. Instead, the company may roll out the product with internally-made apps.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 2 is run by the updated WatchOS 3. Apps load quickly and the smartwatch even takes note of the most-used apps. It then stores them in the new dock feature, for instant access the next time the user wants to launch them.

Fitness features are also included such as a heart rate monitor and a GPS tracker. Alongside those are regular features like messaging, a good notification system and a broad choice of apps. These are the things, and more, that make Apple Watch Series 2 the standard in the smartwatch niche, according to Digital Trends.

Which One Is The Best?

Apple Watch Series 2 rules out Fitbit Project Higgs in both regard. The array of design choices alone would make it more appealing to more people, though its $370 starting price could be off-putting. Meanwhile, the price has not yet been set for the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch though it is likely to be within the same range as the Blaze model. But there is almost nothing new here and current Fitbit owners would not likely be enticed to upgrade to a similar-looking smartwatch.

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