Microsoft WIndows 10 S Won't Let You Use Google Search

Using Microsoft's brand new Windows 10 S operating system would enable you to run Google Search or Google Chrome browser. The firm confirmed on Wednesday earlier reports that this was the case. The slimmed-down, fast OS version was introduced earlier this week with the goal of making it available on cheap PCs.

Its cheap price will make it highly attractive to budget-minded schools which have been using Google Chromebooks this past couple of years since it became available. Naturally, Chromebooks run on Google's Chrome OS, making Google Search its default browser. It's probably in the same way that the product's website state that Windows 10 S will only "work exclusively with compatible apps from the Windows Store".

However, the main attraction about Microsoft Windows 10 S is its "lightweight" model, which is achieved by running only apps from Windows' app store. According to  Fortune, even if a user downloads a non-Microsoft browser from the store, the company's search engine, the Edge, would remain the default. Additionally, a Microsoft spokeswoman has stated that "Edge and Bing provide the best and most secure experience on Windows 10 S".

She added that users have control of their Windows experience, and if they prefer to install non-Windows apps, then they can "choose Windows 10 Pro instead." According to Business Insider, while the reasons for an exclusive Windows 10 S are security and simplicity, from a consumer standpoint, this closedness is a drastic shift from the flexibility of standard Windows 10. However, those interested in the flashy new Surface Laptop should keep in mind that Windows 10 S really wants you to use Microsoft things.

In announcing Windows S, Microsoft also introduced the new Surface Laptop priced at $999. The company has also announced that an array of new PCs and laptops from partners that will run using the Windows 10 S will be available with starting prices as low as $189. In comparison, Google's Chromebooks are slightly cheaper and can be bought as little as $179.

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