Here Are The New For Honor Maps In A Nutshell

It has long been revealed that Ubisoft will release two new maps for its fighting-themed title called For Honor. Now, the studio is going places, releasing details after details. With the impending arrival of the game's second season, things are really looking exciting.

According to GameReactor, the new season of For Honor is coming this May. Apart from the new characters -- namely, the Shinobi and the Centurion -- the video game company is bringing two brand new maps. These are the Temple Gardens and the Forge.

It has been said that the aforementioned maps differ from each other greatly, with the Forge being the darker of the two. To help the fandom get a better understanding, Ubisoft has released trailers showcasing the new battlefields; and judging by the looks of it, they're definitely going to bring something significant to the game.

VG247 reports that the Season 2 called Shadow and Might will arrive come May 16. As the day nears, the studio is expected to release more and more details. As for the new characters, they are free for access to all season pass holders. Standard edition players, on the other hand, will get hold of them using the in-game currency.

Fortunately, the above-mentioned For Honor maps will be made available to everyone. Temple Garden showcases a beautiful landscape with different time-of-day and weather conditions. Meanwhile, the Forge is set in Ashfeld, which is the abode of the Knights faction. It also features various locations that manufacture arms for the said faction. Apparently, the snowy environment makes this map stand out.

As for the new For Honor heroes, the Shinobi offers the grace of a dancer with a precision of a killer. The Centurion, on the other hand, is more of a tactician. He sees the battlefield as some sort of chessboard, which requires wits and intelligence.

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