Amazon Echo With TouchScreen Was Leaked And It's So Yesterday

A leak has surfaced showing what could be the rumored Amazon Echo with a built-in touchscreen. If the image is, in fact, the actual hardware, then it integrates the minimalist concept of the original Echo smart speaker yet succeeds in giving off that 1990s vibe.

The image was first spotted by AFTVnews and picked up by different websites. Tech Crunch, for one, describes the device as something that hasn't been since before. The supposed Alexa-enable device, however, borrows a page from the past.

The original image of the rumored Amazon device is tiny since it's just a thumbnail. It's so small that when enlarged, the image is too pixelated making it quite difficult to point out the details. However, it is easy to see that the device has a rectangular screen taking up the top two-thirds of the front. The lower third looks like mesh which indicates the speaker is located there. The square-shaped Amazon Echo with touchscreen slants back a little and has a larger base supposedly to keep it balanced. Tom's Guide, which suggested that the device is called Amazon Echo Touch, also pointed at a tweet by EVLeaks as proof that the leaked image may be the real deal. The tweet shows a clearer look at a white version of the Amazon Echo with a built-in touchscreen.

Those doubting the authenticity of the leaked image of the supposed Amazon Echo with a touchscreen may be surprised to know that the leaker currently has a good record. AFTVnews, which stands for Amazon Fire TV, previously leaked the Echo Look so it seems that the website has some inside track on such Amazon smart home products. The person behind the leak said he or she found the thumbnail of the Amazon Echo with a touchscreen on the company's servers. According to the leakster, the Echo Look was also discovered in the same manner - through Amazon's servers. The person also mentioned that the Alexa-enabled touchscreen speaker is codenamed "Knight".

Rumors of an Amazon Echo with built-in screen first made the rounds last week though the concept has been floating around for quite some time now. The rumor came at the heels of the unveiling of the Amazon Echo Look, an Alexa-enabled device equipped with a camera that can take photographs of the user's whole body. The Echo Look is being promoted as a way for users to check out their wardrobe and have friends and fashion experts vote on the better outfits.

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