Motorola's First Android Tablet May Bring A Long-awaited Feature

By Angelie Jill , May 06, 2017 06:54 AM EDT

A recent report claim that Motorola may be working on a top-end tablet, its first in years, however, with an unusual focus on productivity. It is said that the premium tablet would be in the 9-10 inch range, although no other technical specifications of it are known yet.

Moreover, reports suggest that the rumored Motorola's tablet device will feature a slightly larger side as compared to the previous generation of tablets such as popular choices, Nexus 9 or Asus Zenpad. It is set to be around 9-10 inches diagonally, which is how you measure the screen size. It may also feature premium materials to further enhance the look and feel of the tablet. According to a source, a shared screenshot attached below, points towards the upcoming "productivity feature" of the Motorola Android tablet.

The productivity feature was first showed in Lenovo's Android-powered 2-in-1 hybrid device called Yoga Book. This feature will let you toggle the button to allow the pinning of frequently used apps to the navigation bar at the bottom. This has to be one of the clever ideas achieved by PC giant Lenovo, which not only helps utilize the wasted space, it also makes it easier to switch between certain apps. The rumored Motorola tablet may feature "Productivity Mode" which shuffles Android's interface elements around to look a bit more like that of a desktop operating system, like Chrome OS.

Moreover, this new model might also be a productivity-geared device more comparable to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which comes with a keyboard or stylus accessory and would possibly compete with the Microsoft's Surface lineup and Apple's iPad. It is also believed that some versions of this device may offer cellular connectivity. Though, It still uncertain when it will be released.


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