Toyota Takes World's Fastest SUV Title With New 2000-HP Land Speed Cruiser

Toyota took the world by surprise when its biggest SUV claimed to be the fastest one in the world after setting off a new record just recently. In the past few months, it has been working on modifying its Land Speed Cruiser to make up for speed despite its off-road built.

Toyota Claims Land Speed Cruiser To Be The Fastest SUV

Toyota debuted the popular Land Cruiser way back in 1951 and various series of it has already been produced. The four-wheel drive vehicle has been the longest running series in Toyota. Built as an off-road vehicle, the Land Cruiser was expected to withstand all kinds of a troublesome path.

However, its speed turned out to be a surprise after Toyota tweaked the Land Cruiser, which included lowering the suspension to give way for wider tires and adding two big turbochargers to its standard 381 horsepower 5.7-liter V8 engine. Thanks to the modification, its horsepower spiked up to 2,000, which is five times more than that original. Carl Edwards, a former NASCAR driver, took the modified Land Speed Cruiser to the test and after two tries and an increase in the turbocharger boost, he was able to make it to 230 mph.

Land Cruiser Built For Power And Speed

The speed test took place at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California for the purpose of making a new record. Toyota certainly nailed a new one, thus claiming that their Land Speed Cruiser is currently the fastest SUV in the world despite its heavy large built. Other automakers have claimed this title, too but their records did not come close to the new one Toyota just made.

Toyota modified its Land Speed Cruiser from being the off-road vehicle everyone knows to a powerful speedster, which is the total opposite of its original built. However, even if other automakers' SUVs were not as fast as the modified Land Cruiser, they made records with their auto’s original specs. Bentley reportedly still holds the fastest SUV with its Bentyaga. It was not modified at the time of the speed test and made it to a top speed of 187 miles an hour.

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