Uber Allegedly Installed Secret Program That Evades Authorities

Uber clearly isn’t having a good year after it has been reported that it is facing another problem with its transportation network program. It has been reported that Uber has intentionally installed a software in their cars that allows it to detect authorities and evade them.

Authorities Find Uber’s Secret Program “Greyball”

Uber is a widely popular transportation network company that markets Uber car transportation all over the world. Its transportation business operates alongside its self-named mobile application that clients use to get a car. Despite its popularity, the Uber service is still not allowed in certain parts of the United States like Portland, Oregon. It has been found out that Uber has found a way around the regulations by sneaking in with a secret program they have used to track down and evade authorities.

Uber’s “Greyball” software revealed to a be a program that enables Uber drivers to identify government authorities. The program then works its magic by sending out a fake version of the Uber mobile app, showing imprecise details about the locations of the drivers. Because of this, it was hard for local officials to impound the Uber cars or even track down Uber drivers that were illegally operating.

Uber Treading In Deep Water

Uber has been on the headlines a lot nowadays for various reasons and they are mostly not good. The said transportation company is currently facing a huge lawsuit after Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. accused them of stealing Google’s confidential information regarding their own upcoming self-driving cars program. In addition to that, Uber also took a blow when a female employee stood up to reveal that she suffered repeated misogyny at the said company.

Now, the secret “Greyball” software has been found out, it has been reported last week that Uber will be facing a federal probe but has not been identified criminal yet. The Justice Department is still looking into it and there is a possibility that they will be bringing criminal charges against Uber. The company’s aggressiveness in making the company widespread has been emphasized and it reveals that it will go lengths to give them the edge.

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