Microsoft releases fix for Surface RT audio issues

Surface RT owners can breathe a little easy as Microsoft has finally acknowledged the audio issues dogging the tablet, post the May 2013 Patch Tuesday firmware update. Microsoft has now come up with a new workaround that would fix the audio problems faced by Surface RT owners.

While the company has not issued an official statement, the software giant told an aggrieved user that some Surface RT's are affected by the audio issue and pointed fingers at the NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter.

According to a WinBeta report "One frustrated Surface RT owner spoke to Microsoft in the United Kingdom and confirmed that Microsoft is aware of the issue. Microsoft has not provided an update or an official statement regarding the audio issue. However, there is a temporary solution that involves removing the NVIDIA Tegra Audio Topology Filter, which appears to be the cause of the audio bug."

Earlier in May, Microsoft released a firmware update for the Surface RT, which aimed at resolving several bug issues and enhance the speaker volume.  However, the update was not flawless and instead ended up breaking down the volume control option of the tablet. Post the update the audio would increase or decrease suddenly while playing videos or music.

"Since the last patch day the sound changes its volume itself during playback. First it is loud for a few seconds, then it gets quiet for another few seconds, then loud again ... like if there was some kind of audio normalization working in the background creating a slowly pulsating sound," noted a Surface RT user on the Microsoft community forums at the time.

Apparently, the issue exists only when the volume is at a high level and not when one uses headphones.

Microsoft has also provided a temporary workaround to combat the audio issue. The steps are as given in the Microsoft thread by user Jeff Taylor who contacted the company.

While this is a temporary solution, hopefully Microsoft will push out an update to address the issue soon.

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