iPhone 8 Rumors, Updates: Apple Ditching Bezel-less Design, Staying With Lightning Port

The iPhone 8 rumors just keep coming. This time, the latest buzz about Apple's upcoming flagship smartphone has something to do with its bezel-less design or the absence of it. Another rumor says the iPhone 8 will still have Lightning ports instead of the USB-Type C.

JPMorgan, a well-known financial services company, released another search report regarding the iPhone 8 and this time, it says something about the smartphone's design. According to its analysts, the iPhone 8 will no longer have the expected bezel-less design everyone is excited about. One of the Samsung Galaxy S8's most innovative features is its almost zero bezel design and Apple was expected to at least match that. As 9to5Mac reported, JPMorgan thinks the iPhone 8 will still have bezels albeit slimmer at the top and bottom of the screen though the home button will be integrated into the display.

According to Apple Insider, the tech giant is sticking to the Lightning ports, an interesting decision should it prove true. Most companies are going to the USB-C ports and Apple was initially rumored to be integrating the same in their future iPhones starting with the 10th-anniversary edition. However, a new rumor says otherwise. Apple Insider enumerated the possible reasons for this rumor and number one on the list is Apple's objective of making everything wireless. The iPhone 8 will supposedly be capable of wireless charging and wireless data transfer. With that in mind, the tech giant doesn't see a need to shift to USB-C. They can ride with the Lightning until it perfects its wireless technology.

The iPhone 8's design has taken a beating as far as rumors go. First, it was said that it will come with a curved design. Then news came that the curved display will be ditched in favor of a slightly curved one. The home button and Touch ID sensor has been moved from the display to the back and back to the front, as well. As for the release date, the iPhone 8 was supposed to come out in September in accordance to tradition but issues with the OLED displays triggered rumors that it will come in October. A report by Deutsche Bank then said that the iPhone 8 will miss 2017 completely before a new rumor, courtesy of another JPMorgan report, says the Apple flagship will be unveiled at the 2017 WWDC which will be held from June 5 to 9 in California. These just show that rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.

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