AMD Will Finally Disclose More Details Of The New Vega, Navi And Zen+, Find Out When

By Edge Ison , May 08, 2017 07:25 AM EDT

AMD is set to reveal more details about its upcoming products come May 16. The company's top honcho along with a trio of AMD's most trusted personnel will take the stage next week to talk about the company's next generation processors and graphic architectures, particularly Vega, Navi, and Zen+.

At the event which will be held at the company's Sunnydale headquarters, AMD is expected to detail its "CPU and graphics roadmaps" for this year and moving forward. The company is also expected to talk about the upcoming Vega which is scheduled to launch next month.

As WCCFTech, which got the exclusive on the story, noted that the unveiling is not an official product launch for the Vega or any other future AMD technology. Some top personalities from the company will be discussing some important points regarding the new CPUs and GPUs. Gracing the stage with their presence is AMD CEO, Lisa Su. She will be accompanied the company's Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster along with RTG Chief Architect and graphics expert Raja Koduri and Jim Anderson, the head of Computing and Graphics.

The AMD Vega follows the footsteps of the Polaris. It is actually the second of AMD's graphics architecture to have stacked memory which is one of the main reasons why tech enthusiasts and serious gamers are excited about the Vega. Gamespot reported on a possible leak that recently surfaced showing some of the details of the upcoming RX Vega GPUs. The leak mentioned that the Vega GPU will have 4,096 stream processors thanks to 64 next-gen compute units. The new GPU will also have 12.5 teraflops of power almost double of the Radeon RX 580's 6.2 teraflops.

Navi, meanwhile, falls under the watchful eye of the Radeon Technologies Group or RTG and is, in fact, its third generation graphics architecture. The Navi will succeed the Vega GPU architecture and is expected to launch in 2018 or the year after that. The Zen+, meanwhile, is the successor to the current and upcoming Zen CPUs. This one will be released in three to five years time. In the meantime, fans and tech pundits need to only wait a few more days until May 16 before more details about the Vega, Navi, and Zen+ are made known.

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