Repurpose Your Old Android Phone With These Creative Ideas

Every gadget nowadays has a use even when it is already way past its time. There are several various reasons to keep hanging on to old smartphones. Don’t throw them away because surprisingly, they still have other useful purposes.

People usually tend to just throw outdated smartphones even though it is still working. This is terribly unwise and such a waste of money since smartphones especially android phones can be repurposed for something else. The first reason to keep holding on to an old functioning smartphone is to keep it as a backup phone just in case the current one meets an unexpected demise.

Another useful thing to do with old android phones is to maximize their built-in features and turn the old ones into a dedicated camera. Just like in the old days, a gadget that is solely used for recording memories is a way to keep those old phones working. Others have even opted to use their old smartphones or backup android phones into an extension of their GoPro equipment and solely for that. This is better than having to fiddle with one phone to do everything.

Old android phones have other surprising useful features that people never thought it could do. It can be turned into a do-it-yourself baby monitor by installing mobile applications such as Dormi that exist for this purpose. Others have become more creative by turning their old android phones into a video doorbell by connecting it to an internet connection or a smart doorbell, enabling homeowners to monitor their house on a screen.

Avid gamers will love the idea of making old android smartphones into a dedicated VR headset. This is better than investing on a new phone because old smartphones may be old models but they can still be updated. Lastly, old android phones can become that nifty all-in-one gadget by the nightstand that tells time, be an alarm clock, be a makeshift flashlight, and even turn into a mini radio that can play soothing tunes before going to sleep.

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