'Pokemon GO' Datamined Codes Hint At Possible Raid System

Pokemon GO players are in for a huge treat, and they certainly want to be part of it. Why? That is because Niantic seems to prep things up for an upcoming feature -- raids, that is. Apparently, this surfaced following the discovery of dataminers.

Just recently, the studio updated Pokemon GO to its latest version, which is 0.63.1 and 1.33.1 for Android and iOS devices, respectively. In their most organic form, the updates did not really add anything significant to the game. However, as reported by BGR, a couple of interesting features were datamined.

It seems that the highly anticipated overhaul to the gym battles in the game is finally arriving. Dataminers were able to acquire a total of three lines of code, all of which are believed to be connected to the upcoming gym raids. These are namely "Activity_Defeat_Raid_Pokemon," "Activity_Feed_Berry" and "Activity_Search_Gym."

The Silph Road, a very popular Pokemon GO community on Reddit, suggests that the code "Activity" refers to a certain event in which experience is gained. So, in a sense, it could suggest that players will have the ability to acquire experience simply by defeating a raid Pokemon. While this can be fascinating, anything related to this feature is still unclear.

As of this writing, no one can confirm just how exactly the raid system in Pokemon GO will work. Nevertheless, the fact that codes related to it were acquired, then there is that possibility of its existence in the future. It is only a matter of time before Niantic reveals it officially.

In related Pokemon GO news, Birmingham Mail reports that the Legendary creatures are most likely to arrive come summer. These pocket monsters will be unveiled via an event, which is just in time for the game's first year anniversary. However, like the feature mentioned above, the arrival of these species is still unofficial. Hence, should be taken with a grain of salt.

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