‘Need For Speed’ Sequel Will Allow Gamers To Play Offline

It seems Ghost Games, the developer of Need for Speed is racking things up for its upcoming sequel. There is no title for the game yet, but GG revealed some juicy details last Tuesday. Avid players of the game will be interested to know that this sequel will be released before 2017 ends. The best thing is: now, they will be able to play this game offline.

Ghost Games Is Making A 'Need for Speed' Sequel

This information about the Need for Speed sequel was revealed in a blog post on the game's website. The post also teased the fans by saying that the developers will share more details about the upcoming game as it gets closer to EA Play in June. Meanwhile, GG shared some of the aspects of the game in the blog post.

Players Can Play The Game Offline

Ghost Games revealed that the upcoming sequel would offer an offline single-player experience to gamers. The sequel will also provide some flexibility because a player can choose to pause the game if he wants to for his own reasons. It seems that this is GG's response to the many complaints logged by gamers about the requirement to always be online to play Need for Speed. Since 2015, a player can only play this game online.

The Sequel Will Be Customized As Well

The game developer also discussed some features of Need for Speed sequel particularly that of its customization. Ghost Games assured gamers that it is committed to customization since that is always important in the development of the game series. Customization, according to GG, will continue to play a substantial role as it continues to develop the upcoming sequel and beyond.

Chasing Cops, Burning Tires And More Will Be Included

According to Ghost Games, the next Need for Speed sequel will also include cops. Players will be given a chance to burn rubber, tear up the tarmac, and floor the car's gas pedals as they make their escape from pursuing cops. Fans can expect to play this game offline near the end of 2017.

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