BMW Cars Reportedly Catching Fire With Unknown Reasons

An increasing number of BMW car owners are speaking out after their parked autos caught on fire for unknown reasons. According to them, they got limited to no support from the luxury car automaker. And until now, no help has been offered from BMW.

Danielle Emerson, one of the reported BMW owner, was asleep in her bedroom when she overheard her son screaming frantically. Emerson said in an interview that she is hearing her son's voice saying "Fire! Fire! Mom the garage is on fire go, go." Shen then stands from her bed and try to call every person inside the house. Once she got all the family members out of the home safely, she went straight to the garage and saw her 2011 BMW 528 on fire.

According to ABC 11, she grabbed the water hose located just outside of her garage and started spraying the flaming car. Emerson said that the BMW car is burning from under the front passenger seat. The fire is coming up where the side mirror is located and "that is burning off, the door is burning off," Emerson described.

Despite BMW being identified as one of the most reputable car producers in the whole world, this incident is not the first time. Back in March 2016 in Orange County, an intense fire burned in the engine of a BMW that had been parked for several hours. In addition to that, in May 2016 in Westchester County, a BMW that had not been driven for days caught fire. The cause of these two accidents, according to investigators, was undetermined.

As reported by the ABC News Chief Investigative, there are 42 cases with the same stories, parked BMW cars that caught fire. On the other hand, 4.9 million BMW cars on U.S. roads are involved in fire incidents. As of now, Emerson isn't the only car owner who wants to know answers. They are all hoping that BMW will soon respond to their letters and demands.


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