Nintendo E3 2017 Includes Upcoming 'Mario' Game And Rumored 'Metroid' Title

Nintendo has some major plans for E3 which involve Mario and possibly some new announcements for the Switch. Similarly, there has been a new rumor of a Metroid title under development for the hybrid console.

According to Fortune, Nintendo has some major plans for E3 2017 following the successful launch of its latest console. On the first day, June 13, the company intends to release the first playable demo for the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey game which will be released later this year.

Nintendo claimed that this installment is a "sandbox-style adventure" similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, as per GameSpot. These types of games allow players to explore the world in their own time and way, which shares traits with open-world games. The company also plans to talk more about the game during its spotlight video presentation on June 14.

That aside, there have also been other rumors hinting at a new Metroid title in the works, as per PVP Live. Moreover, this specific game does not seem to be a spinoff like the previously announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force but a real game for the franchise.

It has been over seven years since the previous Metroid game and a decade if fans exclude the rather controversial Other M title. For those unaware, the game focuses on protagonist Samus Aran who is a famous bounty hunter. She is known for her amazing feats and achievements and has often partnered up with the Galactic Federation a few times.

Samus is also a staple character for Nintendo as she has appeared in other titles like the Super Smash Bros. franchise. There is a high demand for a new game in the series, and it seems like Nintendo has been listening to the players. For now, fans will have to wait for further news regarding Nintendo's surprises this upcoming E3 2017.

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