NBC Revives 'Must See TV' Thursdays With New Seasons Of 'This Is Us' And 'Will & Grace'

NBC is clearly having a great run this year as it rolls out one good news to another. The said network has recently announced that it is bringing back “Must See TV” every Thursday and has secured slots for its new shows like “This Is Us” and “Will & Grace”.

NBC Brings Back “Must See TV” After Two Years

NBC launched the “Must See TV” segment in 1993 and it featured its most popular drama series and sitcoms during its run, which lasted for 22 years. The said advertising slogan secured NBC to dominate the prime-time ratings every Thursday night. “FRIENDS”, “The Cosby Show”, and “ER” were few of the shows that dominated NBC’s “Must See TV” roster.

The golden years of “Must See TV” started to fade in the mid-2000s and because of that, NBC now trails behind in Thursday night ratings with other networks such as ABC, Fox, and CBS taking the lead. NB canceled “Must See TV” in 2015 but after seeing great potential in its new shows, it has decided to revive the slogan. The lineup will include of its recent hit series, “This Is Us” and the highly anticipated return of “Will & Grace”.

Strong Series Lined Up For “Must See TV” Thursdays

NBC unveiled its new schedule, reintroducing “Must See TV” Thursday with its popular shows. The breakthrough series, “This Is Us” has been bumped up from its Tuesday schedule to prime time Thursday. NBC Entertainment Robert Greenblatt explained that since “This Is Us” is currently peerless they have decided to move it to the said timeslot while the momentum is still there.

To make sure that the Thursday prime time roster will rake in more viewers, NBC has strategically placed other strong shows to surround “This Is Us”. One of these shows is “Will & Grace”, which will return with a new season after ending its run in May 2006. The said sitcom was one of the highly rated shows in the United States and it spawned nine seasons.

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