2017 Ford GT: A Review To America's Fastest Supercar

The America's fasters supercar is back! The 2017 Ford GT is the second restoration of the GT40, announced back in 2015 and got a wildly positive response. It is the car that won the first victory for Ford in one of the most prestigious races in the world, which is the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

2017 Ford GT Being The America's Fastest Supercar

Today, the new GT supercar is finally starting to make it to the first few parking lots of a very few name of owners. According to The Verge, Ford is planning to build 250 GT cars per year and will discontinue the production after reaching out 1,000 units. Each prospective owner of the supercar had to apply before the buy, which starts at $450,000.

In order to commemorate all of this view, Ford actually held an event at Utah Motorsports Campus. In the said occasion, the automaker offered some of the attendees to drive the road version of the newest Le Mans-winning supercar. And according to the tester, unlike the Mustang cars, Ford hasn’t made its GT350 with an automatic transmission.

Even though Ford GT is slightly traditional, we cannot deny the fact that it is really one of the finest cars, especially in the American market. Unlike other supercars which are equipped with brake vectoring, the 2017 Ford GT relies more on the driver. Meaning, the car doesn't help itself to turn by automatically applying brake pressure to the inside wheels.

The Most Controversial Part Of The GT

The most controversial part of the 2017 Ford GT lies at its heart, according to Wired. This provocative feature is none other that the twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6. Supporters of America's fastest supercar may clamor for more cylinders, but its minimal weight, compact packaging, and energy density shout them down.

Aside from that, the 3.5-liter engine of Ford's finest car produces 647 horsepower, which is equal to a potent 184 horsepower per liter. It has also a digital display, which evolves and shifts the speedometer section to the side of the screen. The automaker says that the 2017 GT vehicle is good for a 216-mph top speed. Indeed, it really deserves the title of being America's fastest supercar.


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