'New Girl' Renewed For Seventh Season; Fox To Wrap Up Series In New Season With Fewer Episodes

Fox has finally greenlighted “New Girl” for another season. However, the renewal has also been announced to be the show’s final installment to tie up the loose ends it left within the previous season.

'New Girl' Season 7 Is Good To Go

“New Girl” Season 6 recently ended this year and it left off with pretty great cliffhanger endings for each character. With how things were portrayed, fans were not sure if they were going to get a new season. However, all worries have now been dropped after Fox confirmed that “New Girl” will be returning for a new season.

Being the final season, Fox will only be giving “New Girl” Season 7 eight episodes to wrap things up. The number of episodes is too few compared to the usual twenty-something episodes they have produced for the previous seasons. The new season of the said comedy show starring Zooey Deschanel has been slated to premiere in spring next year.

'New Girl' Season 6 Ending Was Already Great But…

As mentioned before, the previous season of “New Girl” left fans with a great final episode. They got a glimpse of Winston reuniting with his father, Cece, and Schmidt expecting to be parents, and Jess and Nick getting back together after the latter’s breakup with Reagan. Fans admitted that if Fox decided not to renew the series, they would have remained satisfied with how the sixth season ended.

However, they could not hide the fact that they would want to see Cece and Schmidt becoming parents and watch their struggles towards parenthood. Jess and Nick’s relationship are given a second chance and the show runners have assured viewers that they won’t make it to something that goes on and off. In addition, aside from Winston’s reunion with his father, fans are also looking forward to more of his relationship with his fiancé, Aly.

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