Google I/O 2017: All Exciting Things You Need To Know

Google I/O 2017 is done and people are talking about the many things that the company announced. Attendees at the annual developer conference bore witness as top Google executives explained new innovations and technology.

Google By The Numbers

The conference started off with Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealing that an estimated 2 billion people are now using an active Android device. Pichai also mentioned that there are about 800 million people are actively using Google Drive while 500 million people are Google Photos users. These users of Google Photos are also responsible for uploading a whopping 1.2 billion photos each day.

Google Lens

As Tech Crunch pointed out, the main theme of the Google I/O is artificial intelligence which accounts for the unveiling of the new Google Lens. Google Assistant is now capable of analyzing its surroundings through a smartphone camera thanks to Google Lens. The technology can tell what the name of a plant is or get information about a restaurant just by pointing the camera at the subject. Another brilliant use of the Google Lens is that users can log on a Wi-Fi network just by aiming the camera at the login credentials.

Google Home

Google's smart speaker now comes with the "proactive assistance" feature that notifies Google Home owners on reminders they have set. The feature will also inform them of delayed flights, traffic situations, and other important information. To alert the owners, the light ring of the Google Home will begin spinning. The owners then need to ask, "OK Google, what's up?" to find out the notification.

Google Home can also now make calls direct to mobile phones and landlines in the U.S. and Canada. Previously, the smart speaker can only call another Google Home. Other improvements of the Google Home include a new TV interface, the ability to set reminders as well as entries on the calendar while it can now stream HBO Now, Hulu, SoundCloud, and Deezer.

Google Assistant

Google's digital assistant can now be installed in iOS devices particularly the iPhone and iPad. The Verge reported that LG and GE have also added support for Google Assistant on their smart home products such as refrigerators and ovens. Google also launched the initiative where the company can help further artificial intelligence by sharing what it can to the AI community.

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