iPhone 8 Is Bringing Back The Headphone Jack Plus More Details On The Upcoming Apple Device

Rumors on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 have been surging for months now, and it shows that most of the major bases have already covered. The 10th anniversary iPhone will apparently sport a bold new design with glass panels on both front and back of the device. Aside from that, rumors also suggest that Apple iPhone 8 may bring back the headphone jack.

Many fans went totally crazy when Apple confirmed they were ditching the 3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone 7 series. Even if Apple already explained the reason behind the absence of the dedicated legacy port, millions of people are still used to see it on a smartphone. In order to support those asking tech enthusiasts, Apple included a 3.5mm to the Lightning adapter on both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

According to BGR, this move would allow users to connect their headphones to the device. However, there are still no ways to charge the users' phones and listen to music through wired headphones simultaneously. Therefore, people are still pissed off with this feature of Apple's latest iPhone.

This year, Apple will finally offer a real solution to this existing problem. You hear it right, Apple is finally bringing back the headphone jack to its upcoming iPhone 8. It won’t be a 3.5mm headphone jack and a user still needs an adapter in order to connect a 3.5mm headphone to an iPhone. The newest iPhone 8 mockup photos published on Wednesday shows that the Lightning port is still the only gate on the bottom part of the phone.

In addition to that, the new iPhone’s Lightning port will constantly be free and clear. Therefore, waiting for users to attach their headphones even while the phone is charging will soon be possible. How is that going to work? Simple, because Apple’s next-generation iPhone will eventually support wireless charging. Hence, a user can charge their iPhone 8 while listening to music using their headphones.

The Apple iPhone 8 will be pretty slick, thanks to the rear glass panel. As reported by Tom's Guide, Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone will really stand out because it will sport a sleek new design that Apple fans really loved. There will be no physical home button on the front instead, the display will barely have any bezels. The touch ID fingerprint scanner will be installed below the display.


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