Virtual Console Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Very Soon; More Details Inside

The popularity of Nintendo Switch is apparently getting down. Don't get us wrong, owners of the hybrid console really love their system and they are really excited for its future. However, with The Legend of Zelda twisting the other way around, it’s becoming more evident that there just isn’t that much to play on Nintendo's console. That is why critics and game enthusiasts suggest that virtual console on the Switch will come very soon.

Reality slaps, virtual console on the Switch could change its destiny to remain as the top compact console in the market. There's no doubt that new consoles will always be troubled by a relative lack of games especially when compared to other platforms. Though, having a virtual console available at its release could have helped to broaden the small launch library.

According to Forbes, one of the biggest imperfections on the Nintendo Switch is its lack of virtual console service. The Virtual Console is Nintendo's passport that allows games from the classic Nintendo gaming system to be played on a modern hardware. And its main advantage is its capacity to offer local multiplayer games using the Joy-Cons and the existing Virtual Console library.

Indeed, the virtual console for Nintendo Switch is necessary. In fact, many gamers and Switch users said that they are eagerly wanting to have their console upgraded. According to users from an IGN forum board, they are ready for the announcement that will be made by the Japanese multinational consumer soon.

Some comments are: "It's really that I want to have a portable virtual console more than anything else," "My body is ready for all those older games on my Switch," and "If it took six months for the wii u to release its virtual console I can see the same possibly happening for the switch."

The correct timing here is the critical point, as the Nintendo Switch is still within its launch window. Aside from that, having a steady stream of game release, as well as good sales, it is crucial to keep its momentum up. Nintendo cannot afford to keep anything back at this stage of the Switch’s lifespan. Therefore, it is possible for the virtual console to be released soon.


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