New Microsoft Surface Pro Leaked And It's Boring

The new Surface Pro laptop will be unveiled on May 23. Prolific leakster Evan Blass has apparently jumped the gun on Microsoft and released some images of the highly anticipated hybrid device.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the leak is that there is not much happening with regards to its design. The supposed updated Surface Pro 4 looks a lot like the original Surface Pro 4. In other words, the new Surface Pro 4 will be boring.

Forbes noted that the Surface pro 4 in the leaked press images show that the 2-in-1 laptop will have a proprietary charging port and a friction-drive kickstand. What it will not have, same with its predecessor, is a USB-C port. Forbes believes that Microsoft went with the old design because of the original Surface Pro 4 is extremely successful since it came out. However, it also thinks that using an old yet proven design will not stir any excitement among consumers. This is what happened with Apple after it used the same tired design for its iPhones for years. Apple is now expected to revitalize its iPhone line starting with the iPhone 8.

To be fair, the Surface Pro 4 is one of the best and most good-looking devices to come out in recent years. Fans can overlook the fact that it utilizes a reworked design simply because the original design was great, to begin with. As Venture Beat pointed out, the more important thing is that the internals have been upgraded which means users get better performance with the similar feel.

The leak and the expected announcement of the updated Surface Pro 4 give credence to what Microsoft bigwig Panos Panay said before that there is "no such thing as Surface Pro 5." When Panay uttered those words, some fans were left disappointed as they thought that Microsoft will not release a new hybrid laptop. As it turns out, the company will but apparently, it is not what many are expecting.

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