OnePlus 5 New Design And Leaked Tests Show Flagship Killer Is Better Than Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8

Another day, another OnePlus 5 leak. Two, actually. This time, a surprisingly new design of the OnePlus 5 has surfaced. Furthermore, the smartphone's benchmark tests have been unveiled and they clearly show that the OnePlus 5 is better than the popular Google Pixel XL and the game-changing Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to Trusted Reviews, a new leak discovered on Weibo, the Chinese social network platform. The leaked image shows the supposed OnePlus 5 device in full glory. Interestingly, it comes in an entirely brand new design. The handset in the leak sports a greyish silver color with the OnePlus logo slightly above the center of the back panel. The most exciting part of this leak is the camera above the logo. It is a dual lens camera arranged vertically and aligned with the logo. While the dual camera rumor is not new, seeing it in the flesh earns the phone more hype. A previous rumor stated that OnePlus is now working with DxO Labs to improve its products' cameras.

Comparing the size of the OnePlus 5 to the hand of the person holding it, it is safe to assume that the device is huge. This probably means the OnePlus 5 will be 5.5 inches big.

There's also been a lot of talk regarding the power and speed of the OnePlus 5. A number of benchmark tests have already been leaked showing how much better the flagship killer's numbers are compared to other current smartphones. Another leak proving just that has surfaced.

Tech Radar got hold of a chart in which the results of internal tests of app load times were tabulated. The figures of the OnePlus 5 were placed side-by-side with those of the Google Pixel XL and the galaxy S8. As seen in the chart in the Tech Radar report, the OnePlus 5 had a better average of game opening speeds. For example, the OnePlus 5 averaged 20 seconds for "Modern Combat 5" while the Galaxy S8 took 23 seconds. The Google Pixel XL took longer at 27 seconds. The OnePlus 5 was also faster in opening apps. In fact, it averaged 0.879 seconds to open the Google Maps app. The Google Pixel XL ironically took longer at 1.396 seconds. The Galaxy S8 lagged behind at 1.435 seconds.

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