Tesla Releases Model S vs Tesla Model 3 Specs In A Form Of Handout, More Details Inside

The Tesla Model S has turned into a serious car company because it has broken down all kinds of barriers. As far as history is the concern, Model S is considered as the car icon that changed the world of the automaker. However, when the Tesla Model 3 arrives, Model S needs to improve as being fast and classy are not the only trends.

Tesla continuous to make effort in order to anti-sell the Model 3 and emphasize more on the Model S. According to Electrek, to support the confirmation that Model S is a more high-end option, Tesla released a comprehensive comparison chart in a form of a handout. Along with the release of the specs comparison, the automaker also confirmed that Model 3 will have fewer than a hundred configurations compared to Model S’ with more than 1,500 configurations.

Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, had already confirmed that its Model 3 will highlight fewer options compared to its bigger alternative, which is the Model S. These features include a few battery pack options, limited paint options, dual motor and interior finishes. Aside from that, Musk also claimed that the number of possible combinations can go up suddenly.

In fact, over the past year, Tesla has been streamlining the possible features on the Model S. And the Palo Alto-based carmaker already said that it will add up quickly very soon. As of now, it offers three battery pack options, which are 75, 90 and 100 kWh. It also gives dual motor or rear-wheel-drive, seven paint colors, six distinct interiors, two different sorts of wheels, two roof options, and much more.

Tesla sent the chart through its retail channel in a form of handout to inform customers, as well as employees, about the basic differences between the Model S and Model 3. Even though it is easy to understand and very detailed, not all comments from the Tesla Forum are positive. At least they understand the reason behind the release of the chart since account Frank99 said: "I definitely believe this is a Model 3 Anti-Sell sheet."


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