Trump's iPhone Has Only One App

Despite the love-hate relationship between Donald Trump and Twitter, there is one thing that's for sure - Trump sticks to one. The business tycoon-turned-U.S. head of state only has eyes on Twitter when it comes to apps.

Axios reported that Trump only has one app on his iPhone. They are also weary of the effects of each and every Trump tweet particularly with regards to his "inflammatory claims." One way the people behind Trump are dealing with the problem is to keep him busy. According to the report, his staff is drowning Trump with work and filling his schedule to prevent him from watching TV which often triggers his controversial and often unfounded tweets. The report also said that Trump is supposedly asking his staff for a more free time which they cannot afford to give him presumably for his own sake. This method has worked so far during the Trump family's trip overseas. Trump has seen limited Twitter time and his tweets have been less divisive than normal.

The news that Trump only has one app in his iPhone surprises some. For someone who is very active in social media, one would think that he is well read when it comes to different apps he can use with his phone or even with technology, in general. To be fair, the iPhone was issued by the government, as CNBC pointed out. Trump had an insecure Android phone when he came into office which got some worried of possible hacks.

Trump boasted before that he wouldn't have won the U.S. presidential elections if not for Twitter. He claimed that the media is unkind to him and spewed out fake news about him. He supposedly used Twitter to make his voice heard and it worked, apparently.

Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams, has already expressed his deepest regrets for Twitter's role in Trump's win. He may have more to apologize for Twitter being the only app in Trump's iPhone and his spreading more of his assertions.

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