OnePlus Referral Program Helps You Save Money For OnePlus 5

With the highly-anticipated OnePlus 5 smartphone making headlines, the company is launching strategies to improve its brand awareness. However, instead of relying on traditional marketing campaigns, OnePlus just officially announced a new referral program for owners of OnePlus smartphones.

According to a new post on the OnePlus Forums, Steven G. took to the boards to reveal OnePlus' new "referral system", which is a new way to get everyone excited about the upcoming flagship killer, the OnePlus 5. The way that this works is that customers who purchased a OnePlus device before will receive a unique referral link.

Interestingly, it does not matter if the device is a OnePlus One, a OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, or even the much-awaited OnePlus 5, as long as it was purchased from the official OnePlus store. Then customers can share the link with as many people as they want. Also, users can share the link by any means and that means by posting it on social media.

Upon getting a OnePlus phone through the referral link, customer's friends will receive a $20 or local currency equivalent discount on accessories and any other merchandise available through the company's online store. Within 30 days at the most, users will receive 100 points on their OnePlus referral account. For example, you may get $10 off on accessories for every 100 points you trade in.

Customers can then spend those points on a range of items, including discount vouchers, accessories, request special gifts, such as discounts, free shipping, t-shirts, handbags, or any other OnePlus-branded merchandise. "We know that for years, you guys have been telling your friends about OnePlus for free," the OnePlus stated. "With the referral program, we want to reward you for all that you do for us." the company added.


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