'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Universe 3 Introduced; Frieza Awakens And Kale's Transformation

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” has just been aired and it reveals more of the new characters to bestow the upcoming Tournament of Power. In the center of all the preparations, Universe 7 strives to find a solution to their problem.

Goku Tells The Truth; Universe 3 Prepares Its Fighters

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 92 moves forward with its ongoing Universe Survival Saga as Universe 7 struggles to find a replacement for Majin Buu, who has gone to sleep for two months. During this event, the rest of the team learn the truth behind the Tournament of Power and confront Goku about it. Krillin, who at first decided to back out, was forced to rejoin after the god of destruction Beerus threatened to erase his existence. To keep the other fighters such as Android 18 to fight for Universe 7, Bulma volunteered to pay the prize money Goku has promised.

While Universe 7 is sorting out their problems, the preparations of Universe 3 has finally been revealed. Mosco heads out to a planet of robots that looks like it was inspired from the “Transformers” and revealed robots, or probably even androids, being modified for the Tournament of Power. The first robot unveiled was modified to have all possible ways to prevent itself from falling off the arena. Fans are excited about these characters since the “Dragon Ball” series have always introduced androids and robots as extremely powerful characters.

Universe 6 Masters Super Saiyan Transformation

One of the highlights of the episode, or even of the Universe Survival Saga, is the introduction of the first female Saiyans. “Dragon Ball Super” episode 92 revealed that Cabba and Caulifla are capable of transforming into their Super Saiyan forms without having to rely on rage but instead condense their energy at their backs. Kale, who is Caulifla’s protégé has yet transform but the next episode revealed that she will be able to do so. However, unlike Cabba and Caulifla, Kale most likely transforms after getting angered and even gets buffed up. The Saiyans of Universe 6 prove to be more powerful as they progress faster and gain more techniques.

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