‘Destiny 2’ Teases Beta Details; Reveals Gameplay; Announces PC Release Date

Bungie released new information regarding the Destiny 2 beta as well as its PC version recently. The information that the game developer shared will give its fans something to hold on to as they eagerly wait for the release of the video game. It's all about the beta trials, its release date, and its gameplay.

What Fans Can Expect At The Beta Trials

The previous edition, Destiny 1 beta was launched in July last year. It provided lots of playable content, and the beta trials lasted for ten days. Fans are hoping that Bungie will do the same with its Destiny 2 beta tests.

Based on the latest Bungie FAQ released this week, it seems that even non pre-order customers will also be given the chance to play the beta test run of Destiny 2. However, pre-ordering customers will get their first turn. Bungie also said that the schedule for the beta tests will be announced later.

There Will Be A Closed And Open Beta

That means there will be a closed beta test of Destiny 2 followed by an open beta test after all the pre-ordering customers are through. The beta tests will also be available on all three platforms, namely Xbox One, PS4, and PC. That means a PC release date may also be possible when the game launches on PS4 and Xbox One on Sept. 8 of this year.

Here Are Some Gameplay Information

Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2, has shared some information about the gameplay of Destiny 2. He revealed that the 'Homecoming' mission will be the starting mission of the video game. It is set at the time when the Red Legion has already destroyed the Last City on Earth. Gamers will be playing around the Tower ruins and will move to attack the flagship of the Red Legion.

According to the director, the new Destiny 2 will add new abilities to Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. Hunter will have the Arcstrider ability, Titan will have the Sentinel ability, and Warlock will have the Dawnblade ability.

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