Microsoft Windows 10 New Feature Is Beyond Amazing

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed that HP is planning to develop a Cortana-powered speaker. This new feature will make Microsoft Windows 10 beyond amazing. However, Microsoft also clarified that Cortana speaker does not need to be connected to a Windows 10 computer to function. HP made it possible for the speaker to operate as a standalone device.

According to The Verge, the software giant showed and explained what it described as HP’s “digital assistant” at Computex today. It’s a small puck-like device that acts as a standalone container speaker for the Cortana software, which is built of Windows 10 PC. The Hewlett-Packard Company hasn’t provided the exact hardware at the event, but Microsoft already illustrated the “visual representation” of the Cortana device.

After some initial uncertainties, Microsoft has confirmed that the Cortana speaker will operate as a standalone device, just like Invoke of Harman Kardon. Invoke is a powered by Cortana with 360-degree speakers, Skype calling, as well as smart home control via voice commands Although HP seems to have created the hardware of the device as a companion to its Windows 10 PCs, it will still function and perform well as a full Cortana speaker.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the new HP digital assistant that features Cortana is a standalone personal assistant device. It was also confirmed that the new feature does not need to connect to a Windows 10 PC tin order to experience a complete intelligent speaker. "We’re excited about our partnership with HP and have nothing else to share at this time."

According to Forbes, because of this partnership, we have now computers that can speak clearly and explain what's happening around us. It is a very impressive project and Microsoft deserves a shout-out when it gets something right like this. As of now, Microsoft only briefly showed the device and there’s no release date or pricing yet for HP’s digital assistant hardware Cortana.


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