Michael Schumacher's Health Condition To Be Hidden From Public; Manager Says It's For His Best Interest

The whole world, especially the community of sports enthusiasts had been keeping an eye on Michael Schumacher since his accident. Keeping the tabs on the legendary racer’s health condition will be harder now as it has been revealed that his recovery will not be publicized.

Michael Schumacher is reportedly recovering since waking up from a coma due to a skiing accident in December 2013. Though his recovery seems to be gradual, any signs of progress proves to a positive indication of his health. However, fans will most likely no longer know more of how Schumacher’s recovery is going.

The Formula 1 racer’s manager, Sabine Kehm shared that Schumacher wants his health condition to be kept under the wraps. Kehm told media that Schumacher has always drawn a clear line between matters that are private and public. This notion has always been supported by his family and his fans. However, with people hoping for Schumacher’s comeback, they would want reports on any signs of improvement.

Kehm explained that the decision to hide the progress of his health condition has been taken in Schumacher’s best interest and to protect his privacy from the public as well. Following his wishes, the public will be kept in the dark about Schumacher’s recovery and updates on the few details that were already released through the years will not be followed through. Kehm did reveal a couple of years ago that Schumacher’s health is improving so at least that is enough to give some hope.

Kehm emphasized that Schumacher’s health condition is not a public issue so they are not obliged keep the public up to date. The manager and Schumacher’s family have always been keen on protecting the racer’s intimate sphere. They will not be making any comments about Schumacher’s recovery or health condition in the future.

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