‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Release Date Delayed But Will Be Good For ‘GTA Online,’ Says Publisher

There seems to be a silver lining to the delay of the release date of Red Dead Redemption 2. Apparently, GTA Online will receive more attention now that RDR2's release is pushed back to spring 2018. On the surface, it appears that this is quite possible given the work that needs to be done on the two titles.

They're Making Sure Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be Good

Rockstar Games, the game developer of Red Dead Redemption 2 was more than forthright in its reasons for the release date delay. Disappointed fans should take note of the reasons why their favorite title will not be in their hands in the near future. Basically, what Rockstar is saying is that it is better to receive a well-developed game later than get a game now that is bothered with so many bugs and glitches.

According to the game developer, they would like to release Red Dead Redemption 2 only when it is ready. The company further explained that this will be the first game they will develop from scratch that is designed for the current generation of consoles. They would need extra time to ensure that this outlaw epic depicting the vast and unforgiving American Western heartland will offer the best gaming experience to its loyal and future fans.

GTA Online Will Reap The Benefits Of RDR2's Delay

While the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 is disappointing to fans, it has some positive effects to Take-Two Interactive, the parent publisher of the game. This company believes that the delay of RDR2 will be a great boon to GTA Online. Apparently, they will be able to focus their energies more on GTA O now that the pressure from RDR2's release date is mitigated.

In fact, GTA Online is expecting a big update this summer. There are speculations that the game will add new Gunrunning missions plus more vehicles to its gameplay. Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two CEO confirmed that GTA 5 will take over priority from its biggest rival Red Dead Redemption 2. The car-race game will be the focus of the company for the following months.

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