Tesla Model Y Teaser Image Released And It Seems Like They Forgot One Thing

The much awaited Tesla Model 3 has yet to hit the roads but Elon Musk seems to be too excited about its next car. A teaser image of the Tesla Model Y has just been released and from the looks of it, Tesla doesn't believe in side mirrors.

Road Show by CNET reported that the teaser image of the Model Y was unveiled during this year's Annual Shareholder Meeting held on June 6 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. The Tesla Model Y is the company's electric version of small body SUVs. The teaser image shows very little in terms of details of the electric SUV. It features the front upper part of the Model Y. The lower part fades into black preventing a view of the headlights and front grill. The roof sports the similar rounded design while the hood also looks similar to that of the Model 3.

The Tesla Model Y teaser is likely a render made with a computer which should explain its animated look. One assumption that could be made through the render is that it seems to have a nosecone. It also reveals that Tesla is again looking at removing side mirrors. The company tried it before with the Model X but was stopped by regulators.

Aside from the render, Musk also indicated that the all-electric compact SUV will not be made on the same platform but in an entirely new one instead. The Tesla CEO previously mentioned that the said platform will be available sometime between the latter part of 2019 and 2020. This is highly indicative of the potential launch and release dates of the Tesla Model Y. As such, the design of the Model Y will likely be revealed a year before the new platform would be ready for production. As Electrek pointed out, the early release of the design will open reservations for the Tesla Model Y.

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